About Us

We’re Kat and Gordon. We both work in education and love to travel in our spare time. Like most people who work full time, our vacation time is limited so we put a lot of effort into researching and planning our trips so that we can make the most of them.

The two of us suffer from chronic illnesses and chronic pain, and often travel with our elderly parents who have limited mobility. This means that we have to put extra thought and care into our planning to make sure that everyone’s needs will be met while traveling so that we can have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip.

We truly enjoy researching different countries, dreaming up new trips, and fully immersing ourselves in new cultures. With this in mind, we created Leaving Friday so that others can also benefit from the (sometimes insane) level of research and planning that we do.

We hope you will find our guides and articles helpful in getting the most out of your next vacation!


Meet Gordon

I’m just an average guy on a mission to experience the world by eating my way around it. Seriously. I love food. And if I wasn’t obsessed with sports and fitness I’d probably be in a world of trouble. At heart, I’m an entrepreneur. Always on the lookout for the next big thing or the really boring and mundane thing that could someday bring me the freedom I crave. 

After spending the first 10 years of my life in one of the busiest and loudest cities in the world – New Delhi, India – I spent the next 10 in one of the calmest and quietest – Oklahoma City. Talk about culture shock. Since then I’ve lived in New York, Boston, and now California where I finally feel like I’ve found a home. 

I enjoy taking a deep dive into the history and culture of a place and dreaming about getting away from work to go visit it. Work’s also the reason I dream of winning the lottery as often as I do, but since that hasn’t happened yet I take my time away from work very seriously. So, of course, I do my best to make the most of each vacation but I also put the same effort into making day trips and weekend getaways memorable. This is what I hope to share with you. So, thanks for being here and sharing in our journey. I hope we’re helpful to you.

Meet Kat

Originally from Puerto Rico, I’ve been lucky to travel since a young age. Growing up on an island, “travel” usually meant getting on a plane. Since then, I have lived in Rhode Island, New York, Boston and now California. This has let me experience travel in a whole new way – through trains, road trips and long, long bus rides. Nowadays, I get to enjoy all sorts of traveling experiences – from a quick weekend trip to Sequoia National Park to a long-haul flight to Paris.

Aside from travel, I love to bake and watch cooking shows. I love learning about different cultures’ foods and getting to eat them when we travel. Researching unique or traditional dishes is one of the highlights of the vacation planning process for me. Although I have some dietary restrictions, eating local foods is my favorite way of experiencing a new city or country. 

I’m a big Disney nerd at heart and love to help my friends and families make the perfect Disney vacation itinerary. From the EPCOT festivals to the Lunar New Year Celebration at California Adventure and the Halloween parties, I love all the seasonal offerings at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. To me, they keep the parks interesting no matter how many times I go. Between rides, foods, and merchandise, there’s always something new for me to see or do. It can feel a bit overwhelming to plan a Disney vacation, so if you’re looking for recommendations or need any guidance, feel free to send me an email at katherine@leavingfriday.com